“Protecting your brand means protecting its history, its traditions, its identity.” That’s what the majority of Techtre’s activities are, thanks to the experience of its staff who developed the ANTI-COUNTERFEITING TAG that aims to allow the manufacturer to track, protect, and authenticate their brand in the world, and overcome the more pressing risk of counterfeiting in the market, especially overseas. Thanks to continuous development of the  internet, consumer habits, and increasingly continuous product development, the ANTI-COUNTERFEITING TAG allows companies to increase their business through the use of a tag that is applied to the product, thereby offering the consumer the possibility to verify the originality of the asset. The chip that gets applied to the product allows you to quickly find all relevant information such as features, images, distributors, or a handy instruction manual in different languages, by simply using your smartphone.

What are tags?


Tags are electronic chips, of different sizes and dimensions, with a unique non duplicable code whose memory is divided into two sections. The first section is freely readable by any device with an NFC reading system without the need of specific applications; the second section is implemented and covered by an encryption of the code by means of a coding algorithm, which allows you to absolutely ensure the originality of the chip. After the electronic chip is encoded, it is applied to the product and associated with the account of the producer, using its own label or an external label, and loaded into a database residing on the Web server.

The safety and protection of people, goods, home, corporations, and documents is very important: Techtre’s task is to provide solutions and support through specialized service and quality, which manages to combine the standards of efficiency and safety devices that add value in terms of professionalism and innovation to anti-counterfeiting systems, ensuring a real long-term investment, to stay on the market and achieve a competitive and increasingly high and stable advantage.